CARIBERIAContactLa Solidare du Chocolat

After 34 days, 17 hours and 42 mins after starting the race in St Nazaire, Shaun and I finally sailed across the finish line in Progresso, Mexico.  Only 14 of the 24 boats to leave St Nazaire made it all the way to Mexico.  

During the race, we went through every weather condition possible, including 5 gale force storms, one after the other, electrical storms and periods of absolutely no wind at all.  The yacht was great but we still had to make quite a few running repairs, mainly to the sails, including climbing the mast twice. 

What was the high point of the race ? Passing St Barts was great, first sight of land in for 4 weeks.  But probably crossing the finish line and our families coming on board, that was very nice. 

What was the low point ? Passing St Barts and realising that we still had 1600 miles to go was a bit depressing but without a doubt, getting becalmed off the coast of Dominican Republic and seeing the other yachts overtake us and disappear into the distance was the worst bit. 

Would I do it again ? Well, just two people sailing a very lively racing yacht, 24 hours a day non-stop for nearly 35 days is very tough both physically and mentally. So, No, I'm definitely getting too old for that.